Saturday, August 28, 2004


ma post was not published and now retypin all tat i wrote...
i'm too lazy, so givin summary

went to meet lin and mike at dhoby(after tat girl gave me wrong directions on where to meet and called askin where i was). went to orchard library... got like lots of books... finally managed her to convince her to eat out... itz as if she never wants to eat at all... then she went to buy an orange sling bag from blood bro, so now i guess she's broke... went home to play soccer at the basketball court near hadijah's house

spent the whole day at skol, first doin the audio practical test, den met chin boo at 2, tracked 1 song by ABC, the grp we are recording for our specialist project... went for dessert at Mc at KAP... suf went to collect the charger for ma cam cos he wanted to borrow it... so i'm wifout ma baby for abt a day or two...

wat can i say??? slept, woke up, ate, watched monty python, slept, woke up, stayed online, ate and most prob gonna sleep...


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