Friday, June 11, 2004

i cycled to the darn beach

today was crap... one of my most unproductive day... i guess, except for the fact tat i cycled to punggol end beach... so it wasn't tat uneventful... woke up at 1 as usual and fell asleep again.. till abt 5... suddenly inspired to cycle to the beach near my house... the ride was dam dangerous though... not really, but compared to the normal routes i've been goin to, it has no pavement(i guess for the fact that who will walk thru that stretch of road), both sides are jungles, itz only 2 lanes, i lost my rear light on my bike and the dam reflectors tat under the bike seat... but the beach is okie... havent been to one in a long time... i was walking and enjoying the sights and read all the 'graffiti' tat was there... haha... gotta say, there are always interesting ones out there....
here's a few tat really caught my eyes:

why guys lyk 2 bluf gals?
(i believe we never bluffed u gals... wat we say is true at the moment tat we said it... jus tat they changed their mind later on)

million of words wouldn't bring you back. I know cos i tried. neither wld a million tears bring you back. i noe becos i cried

If e only way to be wif you is in the dreamz, den i hope to be asleep 4 everz
-heartbeat gurl-

then i cycled back... which was the scary bit... cos itz quite winding and like ere's 2 hills... so i'll be cycling uphill and then down and then up again...

i got 3 picture from todae... so itz not so bad... one of a stick being hung under the words 'commit suicide here'... it was one of the graffiti there... i jus added the stick element...


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