Friday, May 21, 2004

If you read this your life would be better, your life would be better

to all of you who are reading this, you are rading my first blog. cOnGrats to you. most likely i dun know you since none of my friends know of my blog, excpet for my bro in Aus.

rehearsals later at night. anyways, if you guys & gals are living in Singapore, do come down for the outreach programme i'm in durin the ARTs Fest. the show i'm doin is called Mr Mamat Magic Melayu or 4M for short. the schedule:

2.06.04 - Episode 1 - Clementi Interchange
5.06.04 - Episode 2 - Bedok Interchange
9.06.04 - Episode 3 - LOT 1
12.06.04 - Episode 4 - Takashimaya
16.06.04 - Episode 5 - Yishun
19.06.04 - Episode 6 - Woodlands


shameless i know but hey, i'm just reaching out to more of you... itz in malay though.. but with english subtitles or was it surtitles? what's the diff anyway?

respond if u like or anythin...

took the wrong bus twice... this is what happens when u dun get any sleep the previous night. and NEL broke down yesterday. not really broke down but it stopped for like quite a while all the way till Serangoon. took a bloody 1.5 hours just to reach Punggol from Outram. it was fun though. havin the NEL manned by a human. and if you're wondering if the woodleigh station is haunted, well, i doubt so, at least the tracks is not. must have gotten a great priest or bomoh or shaman or who ever they called. cos i didn't felt anything when the train was slowly crawling through that station. sometimes i wonder if it was better that i dun feel them. if any foreigners are reading these, and u pl dun understand what the hell i'm talkin abt with the NEL and all, jus msg me back... will be happy to elaborate...

to all you bored people, send me ur blogs too... if i haf the time, will read them...


Blogger kawan_kawan said...

Hey dude, just ta let you know I'm reading your blog! Go update it! =)

11:29 AM  
Blogger miss keshia ; said...

hey shar (:
well, i stumbled upon your blog add from eddie's ... i kinda figured you had one since you asked for my address the other night. i'll add you to my links alright, i'd love to know what's going on in yr life, since we rarely get to talk. by the way, i'm really sorry about the magazines thing. i honestly did think i still had em. :/
take care ! (:

7:55 PM  

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