Thursday, June 03, 2004

the dark grey car

sitting with you side by side
i feel you warm touch all along
everytime i turned, there you'll be
maybe i stared too hard & far too long

i'm slowly losing my own light
i now depend on the very song
that your words sing to me
for all that i did wrong

please forgive me
cos i can't stop
thinking of you

i look at a dimple
i think of you
i look at a boot
i think of you

i guess just about everything
reminds me of you

and every free moment that my mind works
your image lingers around it, as if there's
an unyielding evanescent effect about you
to my mind's eyes

the thought if you leaves me at ease,
with what ever i am doing at the moment,
just like the calming effect of a prayer


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