Wednesday, June 09, 2004

some days are regret days, while others are not

at least she's not cold towards me... the only fear i have after tellin her about the dream and that when she asked if i liked her. i began to fall for her on the second day i met her, i liked her on the 3rd and fell deeper on the 4th and i finally reached the point of no return on sunday... i guess i can truly say i have fallen in love with her. itz a strange feeling love, especially when it has abandoned me for so long... for 2.5 years, i never felt it and then it just zaps u like an unforgiving bolt... i guess finally i liked someone, and she tells me she is waiting for another guy... i guess a piece of my heart fell off then... but i smiled and picked it up and just pasted it back... why the strong front? i dunno... i guess i could have just stared at her and fall apart, but no use crying over uncertainties... one day, a video is gonna be shot of this story... haha... a friend of mine and my bro both suggested the idea individually... i mean if 2 ppl think itz worthy, it must be then... haha...

thought of givin her tis pink rose carved out of soap... which i told myself i'm going to give the dream girl, i f i ever met her... i wanted to give it to her on sunday, but after she told me she was waiting for someone else, wat could i do... i didn't want to give my heart to someone who's not willing to return it yet... so i just kept it... and now it makes me wonder... what will happen next... i mean the whole sequence has this magical movie scenario... boy meets girl in dream, boy wonders if he will meet her...boy gets to meet her, then boy cant get together with her cos of an obstacle... obstacle being she's waiting for another boy... if u add an element of a heartbroken past and not wanting to be hurt and boy finally manages to soften her heart and break the defences and they finally get together... itz a classics... but add a twist with - the girl dreamt that a boy she was goin out with gets killed in front of her and the killer just looks at her and says, she deserves better and the killer leaves... and we could weave an intricate romantic story with a touch of suspense and thriller... haiz... that's my treatment of the story.... too bad i'm done with all my shooting... if not can pitch the story in one of my classes... esp scriptwriting which i had an average B... i was out of ideas anyway... so cldn't write a good story... the story was about this dream girl... but based on the old dream....

arrgh, i'm cold, itz wet outside and i got to be at LOT 1 at 2.45... i guess i'm goin off now... still wondering if i should tell her of my blog?


Blogger miss keshia ; said...

hello dear ... i really want to say so much to you, but somehow i find it a bit inappropriate seeing i haven't spoken to you in a long time and whatever i say would just be based on this one entry. i suppose love IS a tricky thing, and the element of a broken heart in the past will always hinder what is to come, like it did for me. it's a tough journey, trying to give and receive once again... ahh. i'm prolly just babbling on and on, and you're prolly thinking "wot da hell is this girl trying to say?!" and honestly, i don't know ... but my point is that although we haven't spoken in awhile and you probably have others to talk to, i'm still around, yes ? (: take care.

12:56 PM  
Blogger kawan_kawan said...

hey bro,

mm mm...probably play it low-key first and keep your blog a secret first. at least you can pour out how you feel without feeling scared that she might take it the wrong way or something. anyway, if she wants to wait then let her take the serve. just pass me his address so I can take care of him and speed up the process =)

5:16 PM  

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