Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The life of the Walking Human

i told my friend about my dream(i tink), then she told me to check out tis website to see what i can see dreammoods. and i did...from what i read, the few stuff that there is, i kinda copied it.. so if i infringe any copyrights law, i'm in shit...

To dream that you are on a train, is symbolic of your life's journey and suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed for the right direction. Alternatively, you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end.

To dream that you are at the bus station, suggests that you have reached some new level or stage in your emotional or physical life.

To dream that you are riding a bus, implies that you are going along with the crowd. You are lacking originality and are taking no control over where your life is taking.

To see a girl in your dream, represents your playful, innocent, and childlike nature. Perhaps you have been behaving prematurely.

To dream about a girl that you just met, represents your anxieties and thoughts of whether you had made a good impression on her and what she thought of you. If she told you that she disliked you in the dream, then it may be an excuse for you to dismiss her and not pursue a relationship that is beyond friendship. (though they never said anything abt meeting a girl i never met... arrghh)

Market(wat ever happened to supermarket?)

To dream that you are in a market, represents some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality.
(i guess i jus gotta add super to each of the description)

all these stuff are mixed together from both dreams...

well, anyways, the past sun, mon and yest was quite busy for me... monday was great though... went out with another friend and she decided we should go to GV GRAND jus for the hell of it(yeah rite!!)... so we went there, after walking around chinatown... though i didn't see the same bus stop that i saw... so we then walked from chinatown to GWC(great world city) i'll skip most of it... when we reached GWC, i dunno, i weird feeling came over me... i was like, this is it, either i know it or not... den we went up... we bought the shrek 2 tickets, and THERE!!!!!!!! i saw a girl. she was the only malay girl, no specs, no tudong,sumwhat a tad darker than milk choc skin tone, about shoulder-length hair.... and the both of us went towards the popcorn stall... but, like in those dumb movies where the characters are just introduced to the audience and is not supposed to meet yet, we walks away from the counter to the pop corn machine and was doin something to it... so we kinda waited for a few seconds and my friend decided tat maybe we should eat first, it will increase the mystery(not sure which word was used instead of mystery)... so i was like, okie, sure... why not... well, maybe it was a bad idea... haha... so i managed to convince her to go to Seoul Garden,sinful of me... haha... but it was a treat for her... so yea, maybe itz not so bad... we managed to pig out, at least i did ... haha... wats new?! and we took like ard 1.5 hours or 2 hours in there... though i still can't understand why she's amused with me eating the ice-cream, (how many, tat'll be just between the both of us)... haha, u shld try the chicken marinated in lemonade... haha... accidents are the best teacher... so we're finally done... and went back to the cinema... and when i looked at the popcorn stall, my heart sank, my eyes lighted up, my jaw dropped, my hands went up, no voice came out from my mouth... she WASN'T there hands went up to strangle my friend... haha... she wasn't ere!!! she wasn't there!!! oh well, we then went in, and i got distracted by the movie for a while before it ended... shrek was great, an analysis would take too much from me... anyway, we went out and she offered to ask the ppl ere if a certain 'khairiah' is working... but the bugger at the ticket tearing corner didn't think so and the other bugger at the counter says he just started... so, oh well, at least i know ere is a girl, the only one it seems... what are the chances? what ARE the chances?! well, till i go there again, which is not in the near future i believe... then we went to see some really cool bags(i just had to add tis in) then we walked back to dhoby ghaut.... in between, we saw this really cool black reflection with blue lights... i'll post it when i haf a scanner... which is not in the near future too... haha... den we went home... though i cut a lot of stuff in between... and i hope my friend manages to solve what ever that went through her mind on that day, the day before and the coming days...

and here i am, still wondering if she exists... i won't disengage my life wondering if she exists, jus that every free moment, my mind will wonder to that thought... haiz...

anyway, just in case i do meet her, and she reads this, just know the troubles i went... haha... not tat i expect anything... but i guess if you didn't believe what i just said, then here's a record of what happened before i met you and the people that went with me through this journey...


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