Monday, June 26, 2006

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somehow, i wonder what is the name when someone can feel how another person feels when they're miles apart and haven been in contact, or at least dun really contact very often.. i'm pretty darn sure they haf a name for it..

so tis wld be the few moments in my life where i felt that and found out who. okie, seems strange tat itz the 2nd time(at least) tis year.. bein the 2nd one bein yesterday and after another mass message, not tat itz massive la, jus less than 6 ppl.. i found out who.. but she said she was okie at first b4 askin y i suspected it was her.. i mean, hey, ere's no suspicion,it was jus chance.. so she msged tellin me wats botherin her..

itz jus weird la how i get these feelings, how i get different goosebumps everytime i experience different things.. ere's one for ghost stories and another one for i might meet sum1 i havent met for a long time and one for unworldly presence.. or at least i believe so.. so now itz jus time to take a walk wif sum1 who can see and we'll verify tat itz true..

seems i've gone back to writing ever since i stepped onto the tracks of the national stadium.. so, after forgetting ppl's burfdays.. not tat i missed it completely, jus got the wrong date.. haha.. i still haf yet to complete the idea i had for a birthday gift.. i jus suck at lifting my embargo on anti procrastination. so here i am delayin it for 2 yrs already... so oh well..

wld you believe if i said i did grow a bit more since i enlisted in NS.. *gasps* yes, at least i feel i did.. sometime we are forced to grow cos we cant be the lil kid as we haf always been,esp when you're in charge of a few guys.. sure, as a friend u can still be tat kid.. but there will be times when u jus gotta grow up a bit faster and make decisions. decisions that will not just affect yourself, cos tats too easy.. but more stuff which will affect others.. and somehow, i dun really know if i wld make all the proper choices, but i hope i haf chosen the lesser of two evils if i had to make a bad one.. *crosses fingers*

so here's to another week of fun filled activities.. at least it keeps ur mind off mundane things and kills creativity and thought-wondering moments aways.. yet it is these very things which will keep you from remembering all the sadness and worries. the act of keeping urself busy.


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