Sunday, July 04, 2004

crying our eyes out

i was walking along orchard road and heard this kid crying and his mom starts coming towards him and sternly telling him to keep quiet... i smiled... seems weird isn't it as we grow older, we dun cry as much as we would have like to... or rather as we feel the urge to cry... when someone cries, i guess ppl around would be more concerned rather than indifferent as we keep it to ourself and cry inside... so i say we should cry openly... haha... just food for tot... and tat we shld tell the bugger wats bothering us rather than letting them guess... as wat the mother did... though i'm not expecting the kid to tell la... but u shld get the drift...

was supposed to go to johore yesterday but my mom was so sure the immigration dept at tampines would close at night tat when we reached ere(abt 6pm), it was already closed... haha... so jus walked ard orchard road... i sure know where my sense of adventure and the love to try new things is... sure isn't from ma dad... haha... he's a bit resistant to try sumthin new... sometimes i wonder how i manage to juggle tis dual personality that ma parents haf indirectly injected into my genes... i mean, my mom is the direct opposite of my dad... my mom's extroverted, laughs at herself easily, loud, always with a smile, loves to meet new ppl, like crowds and adventurous... though ere's a whole bunch of other stuff la but these are the opposite of ma dad... and my dad's introverted, dun really laugh at himself(unless my mom keeps laughing and laughing till he can't help it but laugh too), quiet, shy, hardly smiles, hates crowd(esp in the lift) and love the tried and true way and not wanting to explore new areas...

A digi SLR camera and if i get tat dam scholarship, itz as good as gotten
Ed to come home for longer visits
Work again with the,literally, dream from my girl


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