Saturday, August 28, 2004

orders of a friend

i hereby write todaes blog entry after inspiration from a friend=a complaint tat i havent updated ma blog... haha

went out wif lin & mike, went to orchard library, got like loads of books which i havent read, got an elements book(photoshop), manage to convince tis girl to actually eat!! sheesh, she never eats one... she bought an orange slingbag from blood bro...i tink she's kinda broke now... went to play soccer at the basketball courst near hadijah's house...

spent the whole dam day at skol... audio practical test was first... was quite a breeze... went for dinner and later had to meet chin boo at 2... then had our first recording session wif ABCs... thankfully, not much of technical problems... so managed to track 1 song...tats great!!! we then went to Mcs at KAP for dessert... sufian went to ma huose to collect the charger... so i'm wif out ma baby for a day or two...

wat can i say? i woke up? ate? watched monty python and the holy grail, and fell asleep again. woke up at 6.30pm, been online since... now havin fries, while waitin for ma dad to bring back john's bread(roti john)


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