Wednesday, July 28, 2004

black dressers

sigh... yes duck i'm depressed again... dunno y... anyways, met sri after ma dvd class... she was wif julius(is tat how u spell his name????), hani, ryan, sze jia, su(i tink) and sal... so slacked there for a while before i had to meet a friend whom i promised to help.  anyways, julius was soooo 'pretty'... haha... anyways, so i left early, and went to meet her.. felt bad cos i slacked at sim first.. sighs...

had a great time helping her...

nothing to blog... anyways, tot of the day...
you should be able to distinguish between physical proximity and spiritual proximity... cos i sure as hell can't, they both mean the same to me... but i could trick myself into believing that... sighs.


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