Saturday, October 23, 2004

i feel like the lilac colour in the rainbow

i went to sri's house to fix her comp... took abt 3 hours to be done.. den there was another meeting at PS... was there the first, considering tat i was already out.. haha.. so yea, met a lil and den went home.. so, now, gotta think of sum location to take their photos now.. hmm... was thinking of like... hmmm.... undergroud and raw... substation's wall comes into mind, the one underpass at marina south... backway alleys? any roads under construction? erm, forested backgrd? it shows rawness and stuff wat... *thinks sum more* hmmm....

anyways, den friday was off to ma recording... completed one song, though still is a lil empty... but itz kinda done.. den managed to record horns for a few other songs... haf to re record the vocals for 'love remains'... den sri transferred the song to the md and when we were abt to reach the last song, wham... the md decides to delete all the songs tat we haf rrecorded and say there was an error and poof, all songs were gone... so there we were re recording it back to md.. in the end, was dam late to meet dila to buke... izad and azhani(i tink tats how itz spelled) was there... so den we all went to banquet at china square or sumthin like tat... den we went home.. went home to collect ma keyboard and off to her place to fix her comp den... in the end, it turned out tat her keyboard was spoilt... though it smelled of can drinks... haha... hmmmm... was eatin kacang puteh and god knows how many cups of rose syrup... den i cycled home... darn taxi dun wait for pedestrian anymore... luckily i stopped at when i saw the darn taxi not even slowin down as was cycling... if i was a rich kid, i wld haf jus pushed ma bike and let him hit ma bike... den claim and shit like tat... but i jus wanted to get home... haha...


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